Laser Cladding
  • Technology Advantages:Apply high-temperature tolerant ,anti-abrasive, and corrosion resistant alloy materials and nano-ceramics alloy powders to repair and strengthen the performance of damaged parts.

  • Restoration Technology:Provide complete process including: cladding material formulation design, laser beam technology parameter modification, crack control, life evaluation and guarantee technology system, and integrated machining service, to realize the remanufacture of large or valuable parts. 

  • Advanced laser cladding WC non-magnetic wear strip technology service of oil drilling tools.

  • Onsite restoration on machinery and equipment by laser cladding 

  • Have realized the production value of laser cladding over 10 million USD, and saved over 150 million USD cost for our customers. Our combined technology has reached the international advanced level.

Laser Quenching​
  • Quenched by IPG4000W high-power fiber laser, the hardened layer has reached 1.5mmm. After quenching, the grain of metal parts is extremely fine, and the hardness is 10-20% higher than it by heat treatment.

  • Within out five-axis linkage laser process numerical control system, we are able to quench on any surface in even hardness.  

  • Effectively avoid the shape changes of workpieces, because laser quenching is very fast and temperature rise is low.

  • Realize part-quenching of large workpieces.

  • Main materials: Carbon steel, alloy steel, die steel, cast iron, martensitic stainless steel, etc.

  • Typical workpieces: automobile die, large plunger, inner wall of oil cylinder,  lead rail, gear, gear ring, seal cartridge, roller, steel rail, wheel, ball ring, etc. 

High-Accuracy Rotor Dynamic Balance
  • Guarantee precision of dynamic balance because we are equipped with German Schenck high-precision dynamic balance system, accurate support and transmission devices, and our advanced data and signal analysis technology. 

  • Provide dynamic balance service on variable electrical machinery, centrifugal fan, Roots blower, high-speed pump, multi-stage pump rotor, gear, centrifuge rotating hub, hollow roller, compressor drum, crusher rotor, multi-stage flue gas turbine,  and steam turbine rotor, within our integrated dynamic balance equipment system.

  • The working speed of rotor ranges from 200 rev/min to 20,000 rev/min, and the accuracy reaches over G0.4. 

  • The weight of rotor ranges from 1 kg to 20,000 kg, and the maximum parameter of rotor.

  • All complete vary auxiliary tools.

  • Completed over 5,000 experiments; 100% success rate in first trial. 



    HLT is a international premier high-tech company, which provides one-station solution of laser technology development and practice. In 2015, HLT was admitted by national technology service platform. We take the responsibility of national scientific research projects, and have over 30 international advanced technologies and 5 professional patents.

     In the past 10 years, within the spirit of craftmanship and responsibility to customers, HLT has never stop exploring, creating, and making innovation in re-manufacturing. Successfully, We apply the laser cladding, laser quenching, and laser alloying technologies in petroleum, chemical,  electrical, metallurgy, machinery, hydraumatic, shipping, increase of service life of large valuable parts, and help our customers reduce spare parts consumption over 250 million dollars.

    HLT is highly evaluated by our customer because we are professional, experienced, and  precise. Notably, our  laser cladding technology and the process result on non-magnetic wear belts of oil drill tools have reached international advanced level. Therefore, we are the re-manufacturing service provider for over 80% of top international petroleum, nuclear, and electrical companies in China. 



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