Reducer Gear Shaft  


       The journal and thrust face of a reducer spiral bevel gear shaft from Flender was damaged and disabled.  This gear shaft was worth 500 thousand dollars, and its spared parts was out of stock in China. Flender will suffer a huge loss if stop production as a result of long shipping period from abroad. 

      HLT applied laser cladding technology to repair the damaged parts. After our laser cladding, the hardness of the bearing stand surface reached HRC 40-45,the hardness of  the thrust face surface was HRC 58-62, the thickness ≥ 2 mm. It repaired surface perfectly replaced the original cemented quenching one. No flow such as crack and pole was found.

      In the past 3 years, we repaired more than 3,000  similar  shafts. The accuracy, surface performance, and  service life our products are same as those of new parts. No broken or wear-out-failure  have ever happened.