Turbine Rotor Repair

​       XXX petrochemical company, XXX KW turbine rotor,  work environment 600℃,revolving speed 8000 rpm. The bearing stand and thrust face lost efficacy because of abrasion,  and vibration of equipment exceeded the standard so that the equipment could not work.

    Major re-manufacture technology:

1. Accuracy examine on the original size, form and position;

2. Confirmed the major chemistry component of body materials;

3. Crack detection on the disabled parts, and confirm that no irreparable element;

4. Prepared specialized alloy powder, and clad on the given parts by laser. The hardness of cladding surface satisfied customers' requirement, and the cladding surface was perfect with out any flaw such as pores and cracks;

5、Recover the original measures of the repaired parts trough turning.  The form and position accuracy ≤0.002, and the surface  asperities grade was Ra 0.4;

6、Verify the accuracy grade of the rotor was G0.4 through dynamic balance;


    Successfully, after our re-manufacturing, the rotor worked steady in the first trial.