Laser Cladding on Non-magnetic Wear 

       Applied Nonmagnetic WC alloy powder, and laser clad on varies drilled centralizers and drilled collar hardbandings of oil drilling tools. 


    Through multiple experiences, we modified technological parameters to guarantee the portion of WC in wearing layers 

≥60%. Therefore, the wear resistance capacity was extremely strong, and the number and direction of cracks are well controlled.


Permeability ≤ 1.010,Surface hardness ≥ 2000 HV.

       The wearing layer did not break the original substrate, so every drilling tolls can  be laser-clad on wear strip repetitiously, realizing recycle use.

       The magnetic conductivity was lower than work standard. 


       Permanently, HLT cooperates with a large number of oilfield service companies both at home and abroad. We are strictly following the highest international standards and processes to re-manufacture valuable wear strips of oil drills. The technological levels, service life, and performance indexes of our products are higher than the criteria of foreign products in the same industry.