Die Laser Quenching

       Use German IPG 4000W Fiber Laser to quench on varies automobile die.

    The width of Light spot is 10-30 mm; power density spreads evenly; the hard layer of quenching is 1.0-1.5 mm; the hardness of quenching area is HRC55-62.

      The common materials for automobile die quenching include:

     Ductile cast iron:GGG70L  2070  190  245  246

     Cast steel class:1.2379  1.2358  A2  D2

     Die steel:CR12MOV   H13

      The advantages of laser quenching to repair automobile die are: higher speed of the laser quenching process on automobile dies,  less temperature change of total die, and smaller metal crystal in metallographic structure than other quenching techniques, no shape change. The  abrasion resistance increased significantly.